Admission form
The admission process consists of the following steps:

Through this form, it is requested to be included in the pre-registration list of LA ESCUELA INFANTIL PANDA. In order to apply for a place for the next school year 2020/2021.

The educational offer for the next school year includes the six courses of Primary Education (from 1st to 6th), the four courses of Secondary Education (from 1st to 4th) and the two courses of Baccalaureate.

To request entry into the pre-registration list, you must complete the following online form, filling in ALL the fields.

IMPORTANT: for the registration to be valid, it is essential to fill in ALL the fields of the form, especially the section at the end where the conditions are accepted and the person who is responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the data is indicated, which must be the the student’s father, mother or guardian.

In the case of wanting to register more than one student, it will be necessary to fill in an additional application form for each sibling, indicating the total number of children registered in the corresponding section of “Family data”.

The presentation of this application does not guarantee the obtaining of a place in the International College of Granada, but only the interest in opting for it during the enrollment period. Confirmation of obtaining a place will be communicated through a list on the school’s notice board and, in the case of new students, after the interview with the parents and the student.

Forms that do not have all the fields completed will not be taken into account in the selection process.

Request pre-registration

During the admission processes, the definitive lists of admitted students will be made public at the center’s secretariat.

Contact us

958 50 74 63centropanda@gmail.com

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